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Picture Perfect Experience

Discover the scenic views, mountain trails, wildlife, and plants of the Blue Ridge Mountains with our self-guided or guided experiences. With so much to see in the region, nature lovers can get overwhelmed deciding where to go and what attractions to prioritize. By choosing our Picture Perfect Adventure Experience you will be able to make amazing memories and take in the best of the Appalachian Mountains without the fuss.  Allow us to share the beauty that surrounds us and help you, your friends and family to make new memories through our picture perfect experiences that will last a life time. 

About Our Guided ATV Rides

We provide a boutique customized and private adventure experience.  Join us for a guided scenic, sightseeing ATV experience that offers a full-sized and shift-free sit on top Quad, that's great for beginners or experienced riders so you can drive your own while following a guide.

Riding through a beautiful loop of terrain (scenic/not fast). Relish in the breathtaking views the trail provides all along the way, stop at  the beautiful waterfalls and lake on our private 90 acre equestrian estate and finish off your guided ride with a visit to our stables for a meet and greet of our horses. 

There are usually up to 6 people in a group along with your guide to assist and make sure you are safe along the way. 

Our ATV tours require a driver’s license, liability waiver, and a credit card in case of damage. No experience is necessary and participants 16+ years old, accompanied by a parent, may ride alone. 

***Younger children or adults not ready to handle their own vehicles are are allowed on the tour and can ride with our guide in a side by side which will be billed separately and at $20 dollars per ride-a-long.

There is a 350 lb. weight max on the ATV. Adults who don’t want to drive can not ride as a passenger with our guide or in a sidecar and will need to wait at the stables or in their vehicle for their party. 

Worried? Don’t be! Our goal is to make sure that you’re comfortable and prepared for the picture perfect experience and adventure that awaits you!  

You will receive proper protective gear and a brief “Safety and Use” tutorial prior to your ride and you will have one of our experienced guides with you along the trail.  


About Our Guided Horseback Rides

Join us for a unique boutique custom tailored horseback riding experience.  Book your private guided adventure experience with us and allow our amazing trainers to customize your tour to best fit you and your groups needs while you enjoy a beautiful scenic guided ride on horseback through the Blue Ridge mountains. 

Please take a moment to review the following important information. The safety of our horses and staff is our top priority.  Your experience depends on our diligent enforcement of the following requirements:

***We want to make horseback riding available and accessible to everyone. 
Our weight restrictions are a matter of safety in the case of the horses and their riders. It is also to protect the soundness, health, and longevity of the horses involved. 

3 horses with a weight limit of 250 lbs. 
For Adults Snickers, Blue, & King


Strawberry is our third horse, fitting for people that weigh less than 150 lbs. 
Strawberry is very kid friendly, and that is why she is the best horse for children Ages 9+

We want to provide long term loving care for our horses and will not overload them.  All riders over 9+ years will be weighed at check-in.  If over weight limit, rider will not be able to ride and a $10 cancellation fee for that rider will be charged.

To participate on our trail rides we ask that you have the ability to understand the English language or have an interpreter if you plan to ride, as well as require all riders to wear a helmet regardless of experience.  

This requirement is for safety purposes and the need to respond appropriately to instruction later given by our guides while on the horse.  Due to our insurance regulations and policies dogs are NOT allowed on the property.

Prices are per person including tax, gratuity is not included to the guide which we encourage.

Just your group and the guide
(Walk Only)

Ages 9 and Up Must Wear Helmet & Meet Weight Requirements To Ride

All rides are on a 90-acre private wooded equestrian estate with creek crossings and possible wildlife sightings.

All reservations are subject to a 48 hour cancellation policy, for more please refer to our policies page for details.